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add goods (for single specification)

Before using the goods information, if the goods information does not exist in the system, the goods needs to be added to the system first.
For adding a small number of goods, you can use the following method to add one by one. If you need to add a lot of goods, please use the excel batch import method, which will be more convenient and fast. For the excel batch import of goods, please see the relevant manual.


clicke  button 




Taking milk as an example, milk has 2 units of measure, bottle and box, and a box has 16 bottles. So you need to enable dual unit for milk.
If some items only require one unit of measure, there is no need to enable dual units.


Beginning Inventory 

Beginning inventory is the book value of inventory at the beginning of an accounting period.
For example, if you start using the system from 2022-7-1, all documents before 2022-7-1 will not be entered into the system. This is your beginning inventory, which is the inventory as of 2022-6-31.

click button +New Row

Select warehouse, enter beginning inventory (calculated in small unit), unit cost.

Finally, click the Save &New button 


On the goods page, you can see the newly added goods.

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