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add goods (for multiple specifications)

When the same goods has multiple different specifications, such as T-Shirt, the same T-Shirt has different colors and sizes, then use multiple specifications to enter the goods information.

Take T-Shirt as an example, first add a new category called "T-Shirt"


clicke the button 


The same T-Shirt has different colors and sizes, so you need to use multi-specification.


 Step 1: Spec Type

Spec type refers to names such as color, size, capacity, length, etc.
Take T-Shirt as an example, need color and size,If the  color and size are not added, click the button


enter color,then click button Save.

enter Size,click button Save.


 Step 2:  Spec

If you haven't added a specific color, click the button

Enter the color such as Black ,then click button Save.

Add size, click button



Now you can select the multiple specifications as following:

Step 3: Goods Code and Barcode

Goods Code:

It is the ID of the goods,each goods has a unique code, which can be automatically generated by the system or entered goods code cannot be empty.


Barcode can be empty,If you don't need barcode, you can turn off this function (Settings - System Parameters)。
if you need barcode,it can be automatically generated by the system, or entered manually, or scan with a barcode。
If a barcode is entered, the barcode of each goods must be unique and cannot be repeated.


Step 4: 

 click the button 




Beginning Inventory

select warehouse,enter beginning inventory and unit code,price button OK.



enter the price 

Goods Pictrue

click   to upload pictrue.



finally, click the button


On the goods page, you can see the newly added goods.

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