iYoulike System国际版(中英文繁体)

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1. 国际专业版International PRO Edition

¥1688 RMB / 每电脑端 Per Computer 

(原价Original Price¥2188) 


2. 国际旗舰版International Ultimate Edition

¥2188 RMB / 每电脑端Per Computer 

 (原价Original Price¥2688)



The Ultimate Edition has the following features more than the PRO Edition:

1. 批号管理Batch number management

2. 保质期管理Shelf life management

3.采购过程中的运费管理Freight management in purchasing



1. Free trial.

2. The software is a one-time buyout, and the price is based on the number of computers that you are using.

For example, 3 computers are needed, for the pro edition the price is 1688*3=5,064RMB;

3. Including software installation;

4. One year free after-sales service
After one year, you can decide whether to purchase an extended technical service package or not. technical service fee is 20% of the total price per year, this service is optional.

5. Lifetime free upgrade;

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