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Download & Installation


click the link below to download iYoulike System:


After the download is complete, double-click to install


If there are other drivers besides C, it is recommended to install the system on another driver ,for example, install it on the drive D, so change C to D,like this:



You can find the iYoulike System icon on your computer desktop,double click this icon to start the software.

3.Register a Company Account Set

If you have not registered a company account set  before, you need to register it.

A company only needs to register an Company Account set.

If you have already registered before, do not register again, otherwise you will not be able to share the data of the same company account set.

Other employees do not need to register an company account set. After logging in to the system, you can add new users.

After other employees install the system, click the button  "Already have an account,Log in"



Enter your username and password, click the button "login".

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