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Import goods in batches from excel

When a lot of goods need to be added to the system, it is not efficient to add goods one by one.

At this time, you need to use import goods in batches from excel.

Click button Import

Step1: Download excel template

Before downloading, according to the actual situation of the goods you need to import, decide whether to choose the following two options:

This is the goods import template below. Enter goods information in this template. The part with the red background color of the title is required, and the others are optional.

Step2: Enter goods data in the excel template.

Take natural spring water as an example, enter goods information below:

This is the link to download the above excel goods import template example. 
After entering the data, remember to save the excel data.

If you need this excel file for reference, you can download this template with entered goods data.

here it's the link:


Step3: Import data


Select the excel template file that has entered the goods.

Click the button Import.


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