Friday, 08 July 2022 11:20

Price Quote

Here you can create quotation for customer.

1.Create Price Quote

click icon Price Quote below


first select customer,salesperson below,
then select customer address, If there is no customer address in the list, please go to the customer to add the customer address first, here is the link:

First select the customer, after selecting the goods, the customer's price can be automatically brought out.

click Slect Goods button below


click icon   to add goods to the list below

If there is a double unit, you can switch the unit below, enter the qty, unit price, if tax needed, check Tax Needed,enter tax rate.

Quotation can be printed or exported to button Export above 


 Save as pdf in excel






2. Customize  Print Template

The print template can be customized, go to [Settings] - [Print Templates].


3.View or modify historical Price Quote

You can view or modify the price quote.