Saturday, 09 July 2022 10:05

Bill of Sale

What is a Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale is a document that describes the sale of goods by a seller to a buyer. 

After the bill of sale is created, the inventory quantity will be reduced, and if the customer does not pay, an account receivable will be generated.

Apply to:
direct sales to customer,No sales orders from customer, direct sales to customer.
If the customer has a sales order, go to 【Sales Order History】->【Create a bill of sale from sales order】, so that the sales order can be associated and the status of the sales order can be updated.


1.Create a bill of sale

You need to select the customer first, and then select the goods, so that the customer's price can be automatically brought out.

select warehouse,enter qty,unit price or amount.
If the customer has paid, click the button Collection,then select Settlement Account.

click button Preview。 
(When you click Priview or Print button, the system will automatically save the document)

2.Print Setup
click button Print Setup


Take printing a receipt as an example

click button Save.


click button Preview


3.View or modify historical bill of sale.

click button History


3.Custom print template